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In 2001, we obtained our 501(c)(3) non-profit status and became established under the name "Chartley Homeowner's Association, Inc." In 2022, we adopted the trade name "Chartley Neighborhood Association" which allows us to be more inclusive as we want to have involvement from homeowners, renters, and previous residents. This name change also brings more clarity concerning our role in the community. Having a large number of our homes join CNA gives us a strong voice as we represent you to our State and Baltimore County representatives. Our Chartley neighborhood doesn’t have a set of rules and regulations. We expect Chartley residents to follow the County Codes established for residential areas and work together with our members to follow those codes and keep Chartley a great place to live.


CNA Officers

President: Crystal Micriotti

Vice President: Sue Dalrymple

Treasurer: Tina Sevik

Secretary: Diane Harding-Allen

Chartley Communtity Map
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